About the Firm


Ravin Glovinsky, LLP, established in 2001, is one of San Diego’s premier business litigation firms, achieving excellent results for clients in a broad range of sophisticated legal disputes.  We are smart, experienced litigators who have successfully represented clients including individual entrepreneurs, large real-estate companies, start-ups, publicly traded companies, family trusts, judges (active and retired), attorneys and other professionals.  With decades of legal experience, we are San Diego’s go-to firm for corporate governance disputes, representing plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal trial and appellate courts, and in alternative dispute resolution forums including mediations and arbitrations.  We also provide expert witness services. 

Some results we have achieved: 

Ø  Protected a family trust’s ownership of the ground lease under a downtown high-rise, through trial and appeal, by having the court strike as unenforceable a subordination clause which could have exposed the family trust to liability under a $15 million obligation.

Ø  While representing a client in an unrelated matter, we noticed that the client’s ground lease contained a rental computation provision which had been improperly applied for over 20 years and which, if not corrected, would have resulted in the client’s business becoming unsustainable within 10 years. (There were 60+ years remaining on the ground lease.)  We subsequently commenced litigation resulting in a successful lease amendment.

Ø  In separate actions, arbitrated two physicians’ withdrawal/retirement from their medical groups: In one, the medical group initially demanded our client pay the group $86,000. We ultimately resolved the matter on favorable terms which included a payment to our client of $120,000.  In the other, the group initially offered to pay $30,000 to our client.  After successfully arbitrating the matter, we obtained a result which included payments to our client of over $1,000,000.  Shortly thereafter, the medical group itself retained us in connection with a dispute arising out of a $23,000,000 sale transaction.

Ø  Obtained an award of $8.3 million for client’s property after condemning agency offered $6.86 million. 

Ø  Represented a couple who invested more than $2 million in a fraudulent investment scheme, and who became one of only two investor groups to receive substantial awards. (From an available $3 million in insurance funds, our clients recovered 56% of their investment; the other investor group recovered approximately 30%.) 

Ø  Represented broker in a dispute with his employer, a major investment firm.  Commenced proceedings under FINRA and obtained $578,000 award to the client plus $102,000 attorney fees paid by the investment firm, which had asserted client was entitled to nothing

Ø  Arbitrated a construction-defect award of $405,000 for repairs to client’s home after developer/builder offered $60,000 - $70,000

Ø  Defended client against securities fraud allegations in federal court.  Plaintiffs sought $1.7 million plus interest and punitive damages, and were awarded damages of less than $360,000.

In appellate cases, established new principles of law via these published court of appeal decisions, successfully protecting our clients’ interests. 

Ø  Expanded a client’s ability to challenge a trial court to which a matter has been assigned (Entente Designs v. Superior Court (2013) 214 Cal.App.4th 385).

Ø  Established current law regarding limits on an attorney’s ability to represent both a defendant corporation and a defendant majority shareholder (Gong v. Gong (2008) 166 Cal.App.4th 209).

Ø  Established limits on a plaintiff’s ability to obtain punitive damages and attorney fees upon defendant’s default (Wiley v. Rhodes (1990) 223 Cal.App.3d 1470).Ø  Established that a defendant physician’s report to BMQA was absolutely privileged and could not be the basis of any suit against the reporting physician (Long v. Pinto (1981) 126 Cal.App.3d 946). 

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